The LMCC Innovation Fund (“IF”) currently seeds emerging and/or startup non-profits and social service organizations that use cutting edge techniques to reach underserved populations. 

Often times, IF is among the first pool of outside capital into an organization, playing a critical role in assisting with initial set up costs, marketing, and staffing. There is no requirement to already have an existing non-profit; however, there must be a clear path to viability in order to be eligible for an investment from IF.

IF’s mandate also includes investment in innovative social service programs designed to complement (or disrupt) traditional charitable giving. This includes investment in the market infrastructure for Social Impact Bond ("SIBs") in addition to microloans for local, New York based small businesses.  




IF has curated an amazing selection of emerging startups to be part of its initial class. We absolutely adore our Founders.  And after reading about them in 140 characters, so will you!

Do For One

Disrupting the approach to personalized care for the NY disabled/handicapped population. Building deep community and trust. #whateveryoudidyoudidforme


The Healing Movement

Profound healing through the teaching of hip hop dance to the underserved. Lasting personal relationships forged through powerful self expression. #enterhiscourtswithdancing


Shalom Ministries

Effective change for Uganda’s youth through one committed leader and his travels. New school, mentorship, saving lives. #becomelikelittlechildren



To Apply

Candidates applying to receive a grant undergo an application process that includes a written proposal as well as potential interviews by IF committee members. In select situations, funded organizations may be able to seek mentorship and board members from the LMCC community. IF grants are one-time in nature and there should be no expectation of future or multi-year grants.