Amount to be given between now and Dec 31, 2018.

What is the Christmas Offering and when will it take place?
Sunday, December 17 is LMCC’s second-annual Christmas Offering. On this date, we’ll each submit pledge cards designating the total amount we’re committing to give over the course of 2018. (Or, you can fill out the Online Pledge Card, above.) Our goal this year is $2.8 million. 

How will this $2.8 million be allocated?
$1.6M        LMCC Annual Operating Budget
$1.0M        Outside Giving to Other Organizations
$200K        Savings and New Initiatives

Why does LMCC give money away to outside organizations?
There are a number of causes about which God cares very deeply, but which LMCC is not equipped to address directly. Therefore, we partner with other organizations in order to join in this important work. To see a list of organizations we’ve supported in past years, click here.

In addition to pledging my 2018 giving, can I also make a year-end gift in  2017?
Absolutely. Your year-end gift can be a "down payment" on your 2018 pledge. Make sure to go ahead and fill out a pledge card (either on paper or online) in addition to making your gift.

Is it possible to give online?
Yes. You can make a one-time gift, or you can set up automatic recurring giving. (Consider taking your total pledge, dividing it by 12, and setting up an automatic recurring gift of that amount for the 1st of each month.) Click here for online giving.