Sunday April 23 :

Follow You: I can Talk to God as my friend Luke 12:1-18

Story Summary: Jesus wanted to communicate to his followers that they should pray and never give up. He told the story of a widow who was persistent in asking a judge for justice. The Bible says the judge didn't have any respect for God or care what people thought. He repeatedly denied the widow's entreaties until he finally became so fed up with the widow that he granted her justice. Jesus contrasted God with the judge saying that if the unjust judge eventually heard the widow's cry, how much more will God - who loves us immensely - respond to our cries? 

Use the questions below to get your kids talking about what they've learned: 


- Does God hear you when you pray? What sort of things can you pray about?

Lower Elementary:

- Why is prayer so important? What do you pray about?

Upper Elementary:

- Why do you think prayer is important? What do you pray about?