why do we give


Throughout Scripture it is clear that Jesus expects and requires us to give.

We give as an act of worship, an offering of thanks to God and as a demonstration of our devotion to Him over all other gods, particularly the one we tend to worship most—money. Giving is at once mandatory and voluntary, required by God but willingly given by the believer.

The Bible teaches that both our desire and means to give come from God and that there is a direct relationship between our generosity to him and his with us.

People who call LMCC their church home give regularly, or “tithe”, as a percentage of their income on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Once a year we pledge through our annual offering. At least 1/3 of this offering is given to outside organizations who are feeding the poor and caring for the marginalized in New York City and beyond. The rest funds new initiatives for the church and supports the annual operating budget.